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Association of Economics Studnets
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0332 135 561
Membership Fees:
GHS 30.00
the association of economics students (AES) was formed on the 26th of May 1997 with the prime objective of seeking the interest of all economics students at the university of Cape Coast in their academic pursuit. With the changing academic and economic environment, the association also seeks to create opportunities and experiences for its members to develop as leading economic professionals both domestically and internationally. The association also offers students the needed support for both their academic work and career development. These include: study groups, prominent speaker events, networking opportunities, career trips to various employment hubs, etc. The association also hosts social events for members to interact with and get to know people in the University of Cape Coast community who share common interests. The association has in the past organized educational trips for its students to the Bank of Ghana, Ministry of Finance, Ghana Statistical Service(GSS) and Institute of Economic Affairs(IEA). The purpose of these educational trips is to keep students abreast with the performance of these institutions and their diverse contributions to the development of the economy of Ghana and also to learn more on their mode of operation in order to acquire an in-depth knowledge about the economic issues in the country and also obtain a practical insight on what has been taught in the lecture theatre as well. These trips also create opportunities for students to network.
  • Stephen Annobil
  • Abigail Addobea
    Vice President
  • Jochebed Ekuwa Eshun
  • Alexander K. Boateng
  • Daniel Sam
  • Benjamin Norvinyo
    Deputy Organizer
  • Joshua Nunoo